What commercial real estate property types can be tokenized using Blocksquare?

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In recent years, commercial real estate has increasingly migrated into the mainstream as a sought after asset. Previously long considered an “alternative asset” class that floated on the periphery of traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds, commercial real estate is today the third largest asset class. There are four basic groups in real estate generally viewed as office, industrial, retail and multifamily. With numerous other property types outside of the core four, including hotels, selfstorage, medical office, senior housing, student housing and land, among others, commercial real estate is vast in almost every sense.

Although Blocksquare as a system can potentially accommodate any type of real estate, we believe it will be first used by platforms focused on the growing market of professional short term rentals (i.e. flats for Airbnb). This market has grown in recent years and today offers a well established infrastructure of local on-site property management services that take the work out of renting, analytical data providers that help evaluate market opportunities and a marketing edge that resonates to a broader audience.

We decided to showcase this niche market in our upcoming pilot project, where we will offer participants to buy into PropTokens linked to apartments for professional short term renting.
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