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To participate in our Series A token sale, you will be required to create a user account on our website, go through KYC (Know Your Customer) and have your Ethereum Wallet address whitelisted. We recommend you to apply for whitelisting ASAP, before the sale goes live. You can apply for whitelisting and your Blocksquare Contributor Account here.

If you want to obtain Blocksquare tokens (BST), you have to own Ether (ETH) and own a working ERC20 Ethereum Wallet. We recommend using MyEtherWallet. Read the guide to setup your ERC20 Ethereum Wallet here.

Never send ETH from an exchange account. As you do not own the private keys of the exchange account, sending from an exchange account will result in the loss of your Blocksquare BST tokens.

We partnered with ComplyAdvantage for KYC/AML screening and monitoring to comply with regulatory requirements.

The Blocksquare Series A token sale smart contract will distribute BST tokens directly to contributor’s Ethereum Wallet accounts and will be open until all Series A token sale BST tokens are sold. Contributors will receive BST tokens no more than 24 hours after their ETH transaction is confirmed.

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