How is Blocksquare different from other blockchain projects on the real estate vertical?

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Blockchain technology and smart contracts are already transforming the way we use the world wide web. Today cryptocurrencies enable us to send value directly to one another without intermediary 3rd parties. As we transit from an internet of information to an internet of value, established and new networks will gradually evolve into decentralized peer-to-peer markets, and Blocksquare is set to provide the needed infrastructure layer for the upcoming fractional commercial real estate market.

With global commercial real estate valued at roughly 50 trillion USD, tokenised CRE is set to become one of the biggest online markets there is. Dividing a single property into tokens substantially lowers the investment barrier, opening access to CRE for the large crowd of internet users. Moreover, tokens can be bought or sold through online decentralized exchanges without friction, increasing liquidity, adding new value to the underlying asset. With Blocksquare anyone will have access to commercial real estate investments.

Early movers on the blockchain real estate vertical have proved there is strong interest in fractional real estate markets. Platforms such as Propy, Brickblock, Real and others show us the platform layer of this market. However, in order for this new market to start, a system that can scale through already established routes and incetivise those who wish to participate in it’s creation is needed.

Blocksquare is a plug & play set of protocols, APIs and tools for simple property tokenisation. Similar to how Stripe offers easy online payment processing for e-commerce sites, Blocksquare is building a system so online real estate platforms can tap into the upcoming tokenised real estate market.

Platforms will choose to integrate Blocksquare because:

  1. it will enable them to leverage blockchain technology at minimal cost,
  2. the system can be adapted to local regulatory rules,
  3. the PropToken standard encourages market participation,
  4. is a system that puts trust at its core.

Blocksquare targets clients that already deal with real estate online and provides them the required technical infrastructure to embark into a market of tokenised commercial real estate.

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