Who is developing Blocksquare?

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Blocksquare’s founding and development partner is Medius Inc, an IT company established in 2002 with a well proven track record delivering numerous business applications for its corporate clients. Their portfolio list might not be exhaustive, but all their delivered projects demonstrate perfection, excellence, quality, functionality and fast delivery. Their list of reference projects include:

  • A mission-critical e-Governments interoperability system that ensures information support for execution of electronic data inquiries addressed to various data sources (government registers, banks, asset management companies, stock brokerage companies, municipalities).
  • Project Automator enabling Telekom Slovenia to achieve full service design automation for 90% of all business scenarios, ranging from mass-market traditional voice, through broadband/FTTx to VPN, Centrex, and leased line services.
  • Medius Online Lottery solution implemented by two national lottery operators. Although the solutions were tailored to specific customer needs and requirements, both projects have incorporated all key modules (Online Core, Backoffice, Internet Gaming, Inventory, TV Integration, POS terminals). You are welcome to check the lottery services section on Medius’ website.
  • Project EKT2-Core enabling a complete e-Governement paperless solution for creating and publishing procedures and application forms on the government portal "Slovenian Business Point", used mostly for issuing permits and regulations. The project incorporates numerous Microservices based solutions that enable central authentication and authorization, central management of digital signatures, central repository of forms and documents, central system for electronic delivery, central management of BPM based procedures, etc.

You are invited to check the full list of reference projects on https://www.medius.si/references/

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