Set up your Blocksquare Contributor Account 

Updated 1 year ago by Blocksquare

The Contract Address will be published ONLY in your account dashboard! We will NEVER publish the sale contract address outside your Blocksquare Contribution Account.

From our website go and click the Sign in button. If you still haven't registered, please complete the form and Sign up. Before you can sign in you will be prompted to create a password. Once you sign in you will be asked to provide some additional information and upload you personal photo ID. Please refer our help docs guide to make sure your provided ID image meets our quality standards.

NOTE: ID verifications for registered users must be completed through your Blocksquare Contributor Account. We are not able to accept emailed copies of ID for verification purposes. Please make sure and double check that the details on your whitelist application match the details on your ID.

The Blocksquare team provides personal help if you have no experience with participating in a token sale. Please contact us on Telegram or mail to: if you need extra help.

Register your Blocksquare Contributor Account

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