What can you tell us about the pilot project at this moment?

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Even though our contract with the property developer binds us from disclosing any information on the property, after a discussion with the developer, we are now able to at least disclose some details.

Building type: Multi-storey residential

Total units count: 40 apartment units

Location: Slovenia

Our deal with the developer involves an exclusive right to sell a limited number of apartment units through a PropToken Generation Event. We are considering to create a separate PropToken contract for each unit to have separate PropTokens for pilot participants to transact with on the decentralised exchange.

These units will come fully furnished for short term rental purposes. Apartment units will come with a pre-arranged property management company and property title holding company.

The pilot will produce a platform with basic features powered by Blocksquare that will become a publicly accessible product to showcase the Blocksquare system.

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