KYC/AML process

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KYC/AML is partly automated and partly manual. With so many of you applying for whitelisting, please understand it may take some time to process all submissions.

Please double check and make sure your personal details match the details on your ID. Once your account goes through KYC/AML, you won’t be able to edit your personal details.

When completing your Blocksquare Contributor Account you will also be asked to input a Personal Verification Message (PVM) with 3 or more separate words. The PVM is associated to your account and always displayed on the Blocksquare Contributor Account page. This implementation adds a secondary security layer to your contributor account and protects you against fishing sites — make sure your PVM matches your chosen words before contributing!

An email notification will be sent, once your KYC/AML application is approved and your ETH wallet address whitelisted. Remember, the Series A token sale Contract Address will be published ONLY in your personal Blocksquare Contributor Account dashboard.

We will NEVER publish the sale contract address outside your Blocksquare Contributor Account.

The Blocksquare team provides personal help if you have no experience with participating in a token sale. Please contact us on Telegram or mail to: if you need extra help.

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